Hidden River Clubhouse

1935 W Market Street
Pottsville Pa 17901

Phone: (877) 359-9483     

Fax: (570) 581-8652 

Directors Name: Martina Buffington

Auspice Agency: Community Services Group   

How would some one go about becoming a member at your Clubhouse?

First and foremost, the Clubhouse is voluntary so the desire to attend is required.  In most cases, a potential member works with their Service Access and Management (SAM, Inc.) case manager to make a referral to the Clubhouse.  However, you can also work with your outpatient therapist, hospital social worker, peer support specialist, or make a referral yourself.  Just call the number above or drop an email for more information.


Hidden River opened in August 2010. 

About Our Clubhouse:

Hidden River Clubhouse is located near down town Pottsville on busy West Market Street.  We are one block from a STS fixed route bus and we are also served by STS’s Shared Ride Program.  Opened in 2010, Hidden River offers a variety of work and services to its members. 

The Clubhouse is divided into two major units, the Administration Unit and the Retail Unit.  The Administration Unit houses our Career Development area, our Media area, Receptionist, daily billing and daily banking, as well as our Outreach program.   The Administration Unit is also responsible for overseeing the enrollment process.  Our Retail Unit houses the many stores of Hidden River Clubhouse.  They include our Snack Shack, our thrift store, “Thrifty Threads,” our kitchen which prepares the meals for the members, and also our newest addition, a general store called the “Hole in the Wall-Mart.”  Here the membership can purchases much needed household items that they may not be able to easily access in the community. 

The Clubhouse also boasts a strong social program.  Three times a month the Clubhouse members and staff join together and just let loose and have a little fun.  We’ve gone to the movies, out to dinner, bowling, minor league baseball games, karaoke, and play video and board games, just to name a few.  Some of our favorite social activities are our holiday parties and cookouts. 

We at Hidden River Clubhouse are very proud of the team and the workplace that we have created.  All the work in the Clubhouse is completed by members and staff working side by side as equals.  When members help members achieve their goals, everyone wins.   We boast a strong core membership which takes great pride in meeting the Clubhouse Standards while providing a warm, friendly, family atmosphere for all members, staff, and associates. 

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 8-4:30pm

Second and Fourth Thursday 8-7:30pm

Friday 8-4:00pm

Third Saturday 9-5pm

Open all major holidays, usually from 10-2pm. 


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