TheHoward Levin Clubhouse

2621 Murray Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Phone: (412) 422-1850

Fax: (412) 422-9519 

Director: Jill R. Pawlowski

Auspice Agency: Jewish Residential Services 


Web site: 


How would Some one go about becoming a member at your Clubhouse?
Just call the Clubhouse to get things started; it’s easy, and we’ll help you through the process. Referrals may be made by a therapist, social worker, friend, family member, or you can do a self-referral. All that is needed is a completed referral form and a current psych evaluation. 

In 1996, Jewish Residential Services (JRS) recognized the need for people struggling with mental health issues to have a place to go to be productive and essential to a larger community. JRS became educated in the clubhouse model and soon decided to start their Clubhouse. In 1998, we picked a program space and fundraising continued. In 2000, the agency identified a core of potential members, and hired the first director. A part-time pilot “pre-program” began operating in borrowed space. In the same year we created Transitional Employment (TE) position. 

In 2001, two staff generalists were hired, and our program opened its doors in a permanent space. Howard Levin Clubhouse was granted a psychiatric rehabilitation license by the Pennsylvania State Office of Mental Health, and additional TEs were added. In 2003, our former director stepped down and we hired another director (with much member input). The new director, a member, and JRS Executive Director attended The ICCD Three Week Training. In 2004, we restructured our work units with a new staff and added new TEs. Our Clubhouse quickly applied for and received a three-year ICCD certification.

The Clubhouse was founded to serve the needs of the general mental health community, but in a culturally Jewish environment. Initially, the membership came almost exclusively from that environment. As we have grown and widened our reach, our membership has expanded to include consumers of mental health services from all over Allegheny County. Today, our members come from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. While our environment has broadened to reflect Pittsburgh’s cultural diversity, we maintain many of the rich traditions of Judaism such as keeping a kosher kitchen, and lighting the candles before our weekly Friday night Shabbat dinner. As far as PCC Web Site Group Form we know, we are the only kosher-kitchen-Clubhouse in the world. The Clubhouse has a self-sustaining Clubhouse garden, which is incorporated into our Food & Horticulture area. The vegetables we grow are used in our meals at the clubhouse.  Members and staff work side by side to create, sustain, harvest and close the garden.


Since 2004 time the Howard Levin Clubhouse has grown both in membership and community support. For five consecutive years we have hosted a very successful fundraiser called the Bowl-a-Rama and successfully written several grants to provide funding support for various areas of the Clubhouse.We have also become more involved in the International Clubhouse Community and now have representation on the PCC board.

In 2015, we are proud to say, we were granted our forth 3 year accreditation for ICCD. The new Director Jill (2015) and a member attended colleague training in St Louis Missouri.

With all of our growth and change we remain a warm and accepting Clubhouse community.  Howard Levin is now in the planning stages to build a new Clubhouse which will include low income housing.  

About Our Clubhouse:
The Howard Levin Clubhouse has three work areas: Business/Employment/Education, Member Services, and the Food and Horticulture. Among these three areas, our work-ordered day runs from 8:30 to 5:00 with lunch every day at 12:00 and Shabbat dinner on Fridays at 5:30.

Our Clubhouse is located in a bustling business district in Pittsburgh. Our space is one of our greatest assets as it’s a brightly colored building designed with a cool industrial look and lots of natural light containing all three work areas. Our unique space does amazing things to the heart and spirit of our community. It’s open and inviting from the moment you walk in through the front door. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette stated in a 2005 article about our Clubhouse, “On weekdays, the Howard Levin Clubhouse is one of the bustling spots in Squirrel Hill.” Together, we are engaged in very meaningful work.