Opportunity Centre

2603 East College Ave, Suite E2
State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 867-1454

Fax: (814) 867-1493

Director: George Raymond

Auspice Agency: Skills of Central PA, Inc.



Opportunity Centre Clubhouse (OCC) opened its doors in September, 2002. Since then we have welcomed over 200 members through our doors into a community of recovery.  Our intial Clubhouse community had only four members and began meeting on boxes in another area of our auspice agency.  And from there we have only expanded and grown in our mission.  We proudly opened our doors in Bellefonte, PA in an old blacksmith shop and finally had a space of our very own.  Our space was small but it was “home” to many.  We received our first ICCD accreditation in 2007 and still maintain our accreditation status as well as licensure by OMHSAS.  As our community grew, so too did our needs.  Members felt the need for a larger more open space with parking, increased access to transportation and outside space to plant a garden or simply enjoy a peaceful moment.  In February of 2011 our dreams came to fruition.  We relocated to a large, open space in State College, PA.  Our members participated fully in redesigning the space to meet our needs down to the paint color on the walls.  We have plenty of space for our plants and can enjoy a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere year-round.  We work every day to keep our Clubhouse a space to come home to, a space to relax in but most importantly a place to recover!

Clubhouse Community:
Opportunity Centre Clubhouse is open from 8:00A.M. to 4:00P.M. every week day and on holidays as well.  We have a social program that rotates between Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  All events for our social program are chosen by members and OCC provides transportation to and from events.

Our Clubhouse has two work units that members can choose from.  We begin our day with a unit meeting following our breakfast preparation and sales.  During the unit meeting, our members choose to participate in tasks that contribute to the running of the Clubhouse community.  In the clerical unit members can choose from receptionist duties, developing marketing materials, job searching, bill paying and budgeting and website development just to name a few.  And in our large and spacious kitchen unit members can learn to make meals, clean, run cash registers or compute nutrition  facts as well as many other useful skills.

Our Clubhouse also maintains a strong community presence and participates regularly in advocacy efforts, speaking engagements, employment development and advocacy.  We encourage people to make their voices heard and embody hope and empowerment.

All of the activities in the Clubhouse are designed to increase skills in the home, community, working and educational environments.  Members are encouraged to take ownership of their Clubhouse and their recovery.  Here at Opportunity Centre, we believe that every member has a right to their desired role in the community and can and will recover!  

Our Clubhouse is located at 2603 East College Avenue Suite E-2 in State College, PA.

We can be reached from multiple directions.