Director: Courtney Smith 

Phone: (610) 876-2403

Fax: (610) 876-3824


How would Some one go about becoming a member at your Clubhouse?
Individuals must be 18 years old or older, a resident of Delaware County, and be referred by one of the two County Assessors.  Individuals must have a primary mental health diagnosis on Axis I. After receiving an assessment the individual may visit the clubhouse for a tour and to meet members and staff. If they decide to attend the clubhouse the individual is provided with an orientation date. 

Providence House began as a Drop-In Center in 1996. Shortly after being in existence for a short period of time, the participants and staff decided they wanted to become a Clubhouse. In 1998, Providence House became a Clubhouse but was not ICCD certified. In 2000, Providence House hired its present director, Courtney Smith. Under his leadership the Clubhouse first pursued ICCD Certification in 2002. The Clubhouse received a one-year certification on its first attempt. In 2003, Providence House was more successful and received a three-year certification. Since that time, Providence House has been ICCD certified on each of its attempts. Currently, the clubhouse has a three-year certification that will expire in 2014.

Tell us about your Clubhouse:
Providence House has an active membership of 80 members of which we have an average daily attendance of 35. The Clubhouse currently has 18 members working in the community, and four of those jobs are transitional employment positions. Providence House has four units that drives its “work ordered day”. Those units are: Member services, Employment/Education, Clerical, and Clubhouse Cuisine. The clubhouse has a nine member advisory Board that has been very active and helpful with developing and implementing projects to enhance the clubhouse. Providence House had eight members who graduated from Certified Peer Specialist training, 12 members who graduated from Delaware County Open Door to Education (DECODE) program. Providence House members also pay a monthly visit to the Senior Citizens Nursing Home to play BINGO with the seniors. Four members traveled with the director to Widener University to share their success stories with a social work class and six members won prizes at the Norrsitown and Delaware County Art shows. Providence House is open Monday through Friday as well as Saturdays. The Clubhouse has evening hours on Mondays until 7:00 p.m.