Square One Clubhouse

41-A Industrial Park Road
Lewistown Pa 17044

Phone: (717) 242-0478

Fax: (717) 242-3045

Director: Melissa Steele -

Auspice Agency: Community Services Group 



How would Some one go about becoming a member at your Clubhouse?
All members of Square One Clubhouse have a mental diagnosis and are referred to the clubhouse by the Base Services Unit – Services Access Management (SAM).  If someone is interested in attending the clubhouse they can call the clubhouse and information will be provided.

Square One Clubhouse opened in August 2004 to provide services to members inMifflin, Huntingdon, and Juniata Counties. The clubhouse had its first certification visit from ICCD in August of 2006 and obtained a Three year certification and continues to be accredited by ICCD. Square One Clubhouse has been a member of the Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition since opening in 2004.  Square One Clubhouse has been licensed by The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (OMHSA) since 2006.   

About Our Clubhouse:
Square One Clubhouse has two units that member‘s can chose to work in as part of the work-ordered day.  The Clerical Unit provides the members an opportunity to work on computers, developing skills using an IMAC and video equipment, on employment/education goals or in the clubhouse garden.  The Kitchen Unit provided members the opportunity to work in a restaurant style kitchen featuring cooking, waiter/waitress, busing, running a cash register, and bookkeeping. The kitchen also operates the clubhouse bank. Square One provides the membership a full range of employment opportunities in the community. Square One has a social program that provides holiday, evening, and weekend’s activities.

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