Wellspring Clubhouse

700 S. Main Street
Sellersville, Pa 18960

Director: Jill Horan
Auspice Agency: Penn Foundation, Inc.

Phone: (215) 257-4760

Fax: (215) 257-6629


Wellspring Clubhouse was established in 1994 and is one of 43 behavioral healthcare programs offered by Penn Foundation, Inc. in Sellersville, PA ( The program follows the International Clubhouse Standards and is certified by the International Center for Clubhouse Development. The seeds for the development of a “clubhouse” in Upper Bucks County, PA grew as early as the mid 1980s as individuals in recovery, their families and staff expressed the need for services that would help people to become more involved in community life, especially through employment.  Several visits to Fountain House resulted in much enthusiasm for this rehabilitation approach, but funding for such programs was lacking. Several grants were written and in 1992, Penn Foundation received a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts. With additional funds from Bucks and Montgomery County Departments of Mental Health, Wellspring Clubhouse opened in a farmhouse on loan to us rent-free by Grand View Hospital.  Wellspring Clubhouse was able to renew the grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts seven times.  In 1998 we described our vision for a larger and more permanent space to accommodate the expanding membership and scope of the program. Over the next 10 years, we highlighted our vision through all possible avenues. Finally, with funding from Bucks and Montgomery County Departments of Mental Health, The Connelly Foundation, The Bucks County Foundation, The Patricia Kind Family Foundation, PA Department of Health, a private bequest, and collaboration with Rockhill Mennonite Retirement Community for in-kind land and land development, Wellspring Clubhouse moved into its present location, a 5,550 sq. ft. building.  We believe in the power of having a vision, being persistent and patient, and acquiring the skills, resources and supports needed to succeed. 

Clubhouse Community

Hours of Operation: 
Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM.  Monthly scheduled evening, weekend and holiday social activities

There are no regular bus, train or subway routes in our area. For those who do not drive, transportation is provided by Bucks and Montgomery County Para Transit vehicles.

Typical Day: 
Clubhouse members usually arrive at the clubhouse between 8:30 – 9:00 AM.

Coffee, tea, juice and light breakfast items are available for sale in the café. The day starts with a brief general meeting at 9 AM for announcement, etc. Members than attend the unit meeting of their choice at 9:30 AM, where the work and projects that need to be done is discussed, organized and completed. Members work together with staff to complete a variety of tasks and projects while socializing, getting to know one another, learning skills and building confidence.  Teamwork, leadership and peer support is modeled and encouraged. Lunch is served at noon.  At 12:45, the units regroup, finish up the day’s work and prepare for the next day. Throughout the day, members may meet with staff and peers on a variety of topics: such as, but not limited to, discussing goals and progress, accessing additional needed services, working on job readiness skills, or applying for school or training. For most people the day ends between 3 – 4 PM.

Wellspring Clubhouse members may be involved in any of the three work units:

Health & Wellness: 
This unit is responsible for managing the café; preparing & serving the daily lunch, and food service management; maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the environment; and facilitating health education, exercise, nutrition, weight loss, tobacco cessation and a variety of other recovery tools and practices.

Member Services: 
This unit is responsible for all new member procedures, including tours, orientation and maintaining member records; data entry; managing the reception desk; and publishing the newsletter.

Career Development Unit: 
This unit is responsible for Transitional, Supported and Independent Employment Programs; assessing member educational skills and providing opportunities to improve skills through in-house tutoring and PC literacy training or through assisting members to enroll in local schools, colleges and training programs. The unit works closely with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Social Security Work Incentive Program. The unit assists members with many aspects of job readiness and post-secondary educational pursuits.  The unit maintains a library of information on mental and physical health issues, general education, career development and community resources.

In addition to the work units, Wellspring Clubhouse capitalizes on the skills, talents and interests of members and staff at any given time. Thus, we have had a choir, a poetry club, and an exercise group, dance lessons, yoga and Tai Chi.

Wellspring Clubhouse is located on Main Street in Sellersville. This street also goes by the name of Route 152 and Old Bethlehem Pike. It can be accessed via the Route 309 By-Pass, Telford Exit, onto State Road, following the signs for Route 152. We are a couple hundred yards from the intersection of State Road and Route 152.