The mission of the Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition is to promote and strengthen the evidence-based Clubhouse model, 
empowering individuals with mental illness to live, learn and work within their community with dignity and freedom from stigma. 

• To be a well organized, well-funded Clubhouse coalition, comprised of certified Clubhouses or those in the process of certification
• To promote and increase equal opportunities and improved quality of life for people recovering from mental illness in collaboration
  with organizations, business and industry, policy-makers and our communities
• To ensure quality, innovative and evidence-based Clubhouse services throughout Pennsylvania 
• To encourage member Clubhouses to become integral participants and leaders in their local communities

• To provide a definition of Clubhouse for Pennsylvania.
• To articulate the Clubhouse position on issues that affect the interests of adults with mental illness
• To educate and advise others throughout the State by clarifying the role of clubhouses in the array of services offered in the mental health system.
• To support the development of new clubhouses.
• To support the enhancement of existing clubhouses.
• To develop educational forums related to clubhouse issues.
• To facilitate outcome studies on the effectiveness of clubhouse programs and disseminate the results.
• To secure funding in Pennsylvania for Transitional Employment as defined by the International Clubhouse Standards.
• To facilitate the networking of clubhouses statewide.

For further information, contact:

Keith Fuller
c/o Open Door

3147 Emerald Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134 

Phone: (215) 427-5763
Fax: (215) 427-5875


Background and History
The Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition (PCC) was founded in October 1993 by four Clubhouses. PCC member Clubhouses follow the International Clubhouse Standards established by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD).
The Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition Board meets three times per year and holds an annual state-wide seminar.  Regional meetings are held on regular basis.