What Is a Clubhouse?
A Clubhouse is a comprehensive and dynamic program of support and opportunities for individuals in mental health recovery. It is first and foremost a community that offers individuals hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential. The Clubhouse is unique in that all clinical aspects have been removed so as to focus on the strengths of the individual rather than their illness. At the core of the Clubhouse model are the four guaranteed rights of membership:

     • A right to a place to come

     • A right to meaningful relationships

     • A right to meaningful work

     • A right to a place to return

Through this environment of support, acceptance and commitment to the potential of each member, Clubhouses demonstrate that individuals with mental illness can successfully live full and productive lives and work in the community. There are four key components of a Clubhouse program: the Work-Ordered Day, Employment Programs, Supported Education, and Evening/Weekend/Holiday Events. 

Work-Ordered Day
Clubhouse is a community in which members and staff work side-by-side as colleagues to manage all operations of the Clubhouse. Typically, a Clubhouse is divided into one or more work units which are responsible for various aspects of Clubhouse functioning, such as Culinary, Administrative and Employment. Members assume important and meaningful roles and responsibilities which promote self-worth, purpose and confidence. 

Employment Programs
For information on Clubhouse Employment Programs Click Here

Supported Education
Clubhouses recognize the significant correlation between educational attainment and potential career path. Thus, Clubhouses provide opportunities to expand educational horizons, such as Adult Basic Education, General Equivalency Diploma (GED) instruction and Post-Secondary Education and Training. Clubhouses provide resources and support including information and guidance through financial aid, application and admission processes. Clubhouse provides a range of support from in-house education to campus-based programs.

Evening/Weekend/Holiday Events
Engaging and diverse evening, weekend, and holiday programs provide the opportunity to strengthen and deepen Clubhouse relationships. Colleagues enjoy social and recreational activities both within the Clubhouse and in the greater community such as art shows, harvest dances, holiday dinners, sporting events, etc. These events are used to build upon the work-ordered day and also allow for continued involvement of members who are otherwise employed or furthering their education. These events celebrate the sense of community that Clubhouse creates.