The Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition (PCC) is a non-profit organization of Clubhouses across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania committed to improving the quality of life and community integration of people experiencing mental health recovery.  The model features work and membership as the primary methods for providing participants with increased opportunities in employment, housing, education, skill development and social activities.  PCC Clubhouses follow the International Clubhouse Standards published by the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD)  Clubhouse members experience the process of mental health recovery through the personal empowerment achieved through Clubhouse membership.  Above all, Clubhouses are a place of hope, possibility and recovery.

The Rights of Clubhouse Membership
A Guaranteed right to a place to belong
A Guaranteed right to a place to come
A Guaranteed right to meaningful work
A Guaranteed right to meaningful relationships
– Designates that this clubhouse is accredited by ICCD
and continues to strive to follow the 37 standards.